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"The Map Editor Resource is not installed" - Help Please

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When I click "map editor preview" i get that message, "Map Editor Resource not installed".

I have spent the last 30 min looking for an answer, and no one seems to have answered this large problem. I feel that I am doing something wrong.

I am on Windows Vista, I have GTA:SA ver 1.0 and MTA:SA ver 1.0 dp 2.3

It works fine online, I can join any server.

I may be a retard, but please can someone answer my question clearly and easily. Thank you


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Thank you guys, is working. Do you know any good links to a basic race tutorial? How to make a spawn point, check point and maybe even a car change check point.

Thank you for such a fast reply, love the MTA community

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The editor uses EDF files for defining special types of gamemode-specific objects that can be placed. Like spawnpoints in any mode, different pickups in race, etc.

However, the EDF for race is, as far as I know, not ready yet...

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