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How to work with SAMP

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I know maby you guys have little wars or something :P buts lets come together, I was wondering how to work MTA map editor the best there is out there for SAMP I do roleplay moding and was wondering if anyone knew how to accomplish this?

Also im getting an error 0xc0000005

Which is a Data Execution Prevention and its nulling it out everytime I started it, if I have to I will go into the boot mode and disable data execution, making my PC vunerable, so maby someone can find a edit to fix that, and if I was to get it to work, like how would I convert maps to work with samp, or how to make them work in general?

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1) SA-MP is utterly ridiculous in comparison with just about any other mod, let alone MTA...

2) Because of this enmity a lot of people wouldn't want to help, since you're apparently never going to contribute anything towards MTA, or even show up anymore. This means you're a leecher, essentially...

3) If you're content with SA-MP's lack of features and sync, why aren't you content with its lack of a map editor?

4) There are eleventy billion topics about the map editor already.

And in case you were wondering: I was a part of the SA-MP community for quite a while. I got tired of it and most people and things associated with it, moved to MTA and found it better in almost every single way. I recommend you to play MTA instead, and to pass that recommendation on. You won't really regret it. I don't. ;)

Welcome to MTA, if you make that decision.

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Alright always take time to evaluate a question.

As I stated before, I cant play the game because I am getting Data Execution Prevention. Which you didn't see possibly. If you look above the error message is there, it states that it does violate accessing the memory. I was just looking for some help, And it seems Multi Theft Auto is all about Death Match, I stated AS before I am into roleplay, correct me if I am wrong if there are ROLE play SERVERS.

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The 'Deathmatch' in the name is actually bad naming after mta race. It is not about deathmatch, it is a huge customizable platform which offers you a lot of scripting possibilities and a good base for RP. I guess you can agree it's much better for RP to have a game which actually syncs vehicles that dont have a driver, supports thousands of vehicles (or any other elements) on the server to have some for everyone, scriptable gui menus for any needs like displaying your items/stats/missions and any other information, peds (!!!) that can fill up the world (and yes, in 1.0 nightly there are scripts to fill the world with peds and cars like in single player), custom models support to replace some cars or billboards or weapons in gta, custom sounds support (you could do dialogs?), well, i can continue the list of our scripting features forever but you probably better try it yourself. (Might as well check our videos at https://www.youtube.com/MTAQA if you aren't yet impressed) ;)

As for your error, i guess you have vista and trying to launch mta race game, this one unfortunately doesn't work on vista. You may download nightly and try it's Editor, it's much better.

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Yep, the Deathmatch part of the name has grown the ridiculous notion that it's only good for DM servers. While it in fact is a powerfull platform for roleplay servers that is currently freshly being tapped from.

And how to work with SAMP? Errr...like this?


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