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Chatbox expenditure for me


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I have a problem. if I enter /test in the Chatbox then I want in chatbox " test" stands however only for me.

in this example (server side) it gives for all " test" out

function test(client)  
outputChatBox ("test",client) 

as I can make it, which he spends it only on me



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ok thx i will test it :)

which is differentiates between client and SOURCE



I'm not sure if I got you there, but in case you meant "what is the difference", it's nothing: it's just a name. In lua, as with most programming/scripting languages, the names are not important for a function's prototype, but the order is. The addCommandHandler assumes a certain layout for handling functions, like so:

function thisIsAHandlerFunction(source,command,argument1,argument2, ...) 

if you wanted to write

function thisIsAHandlerFunction(thef_ckerwhoenteredthecommand,command,argument1,argument2, ...) 

instead, you could.

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