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I was just playing with my sister.

It has to be in the top 10 of funnest fames ever.

Heres the sceanio.

We were racing around vice city (Set course I made up)

She was on the motor bike i was on the comet.

Her advantage was her top speed was 130/k per hour while mine was only 100 k/h but i could always knock her down and stop her from passing me if i just swerved in front of her.

And you know how theres the pedestrian pathway on the bridge. She always drove on it so i could never knock her off when we were on the bridge.

We were on the last lap and we happened to be on the bridge which leads to the golf course. She was quite a fair bit behind but i knew she would catch up (Inless she was knocked off :wink: ) So i parked right in front of the exit to the bridge.

She came to the top of the bridge said "Oh crap" and before she could come to a halt she smacked right into my bonet. Buying me like 10 seconds.

On which i slammed on the accelrator and was gone in a flash.

I won just by a few seconds. I swear when she hit my car i laughed like i have never laughed over a computer game before.

VICE city multiplayer rocks.

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