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Problem with client events

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Hello everybody,

Here i'm again!

In my client side scripts i made 2 event:

addEvent("onStartSelection", true) 
addEventHandler("onStartSelection", getRootElement(), class_start) 
addEvent("onRegisterStart", true) 
addEventHandler("onRegisterStart", getRootElement(), toggleRegister) 

The event "onRegisterStart" will be called up when a player joins the server, it need to popup the registration window. But if i join at the first time, and i be not registered, it will give an error "Event onRegisterStart is not created."

I also added a bind key (F5) when i press it it will popup the register window, if i fill everything in, and register my self (everything ok) it should call onStartSelection event but it gives the same error :(

If i rejoin it works fine that, but i want that it works when i first join the server.

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F5 was bound in the client script. But deleted it!

I just found the best solution for this problem:

Client side code:

function clientResStart() 
    triggerServerEvent("clientResourceStart", getRootElement(), getLocalPlayer()) 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), clientResStart) 

Simple and small and works like how it need to work :P

Server side code:

function clientResStart(player) 
    if checkAccount(player) then 
        -- Show login window 
        triggerClientEvent("onLoginAccount", getRootElement()) 
        -- outputChatBox("#FF0000It look's like you are not registered, please register your self!", source, 255, 255, 255, true) 
        triggerClientEvent("onRegisterStart", getRootElement()) 
addEvent("clientResourceStart", true) 
addEventHandler("clientResourceStart", getRootElement(), clientResStart) 

That is perfect solution for what i want, and now I HAVE IT!!!

Thanks to you all for the help, reply's to you.

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