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function getXYInFrontOfPlayer( distance ) 
    local x,y,z = getElementPosition( getLocalPlayer() ) 
    local rotation = getPlayerRotation( getLocalPlayer() ) 
    rotation = rotation/180*3.141592 
    x = x + ( math.sin(rotation) * distance ) 
    y = y + ( math.cos(rotation) * distance ) 
    return x, y 

I didn't test this because I dont have MTA installed at the moment, its a conversion from GetXYInFrontOfPlayer on sa-mp.

If there are problems post them here :)

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A few things:

+ return x,y (already pointed out)

+ It's probably x = x - math.sin(...) (not x = x + )

+ rotation as returned from getPlayerRotation() is in degrees. math.sin/cos are in radians so you'll need math.rad() in there.

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