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  1. I think you can force MTA to use the controller in singleplayer the addresses for this are: 0xBA6818 - Controller Configuration [byte] values: * 0 = Mouse+Keys * 1 = Joypad 0xB6EC2E - REAL aiming mode offset, not menu. * 0 = joypad * 1 = mouse + keys Set both of those adresses to the value of joypad and it should use joypad I didnt test it because I dont have a joypad, so use something like cheatengine or TSearch to set those values.
  2. Spawn the car first, and after its spawned and visible replace the model, then you'll enter in the driver seat instead of in the middle. And it will fix texture issues too.
  3. i dont think people will go 'omg i will never join this server again! the car/player spawned 0.00001 cm to far to the right'
  4. I thought the multiple returns in lua meant more then 1 return after eachoter meh didnt know it needed to be on 1 line
  5. function getXYInFrontOfPlayer( distance ) local x,y,z = getElementPosition( getLocalPlayer() ) local rotation = getPlayerRotation( getLocalPlayer() ) rotation = rotation/180*3.141592 x = x + ( math.sin(rotation) * distance ) y = y + ( math.cos(rotation) * distance ) return x, y end I didn't test this because I dont have MTA installed at the moment, its a conversion from GetXYInFrontOfPlayer on sa-mp. If there are problems post them here
  6. Oh yah forgot that it was different from a normal hydroulic jump. I think setElementVelocity would work I sumhow cant do cabbie jumps, I do exectly the same as in those movies, but my cabby starts rolling on the wall when i press the buttons
  7. Add nitro and hydroulics to taxi o.0 addVehicleUpgrade(vehicleid, upgrade); you can find the upgrades here: http://wikitmp.sa-mp.com/index.php/Car_Component_ID
  8. Hell_Demon

    Player Map Math

    Do you try to make it on the F11 map? Or another map? for F11 map you can use createBlipAttachedToElement or sth.
  9. This is because mtabeta.com stuff is offline, so the installer cant give you a serial. Youll have to wait for mtabeta.com to get back online, or untill dp3 is released(fixed installer) like me
  10. Mabako would you mind if I use your cellphone image for a script I am going to make?
  11. You can also type /refresh in game( if you are logged in as admin) or type refresh in console(Reloads all resources)
  12. getElementPosition the element it hitted offsetx=elementx-hitx offsety=elementy-hity offsetz=elementz-hitz then you set XYZ of corona to elementz+offsetx
  13. When will the linux generic dp2 server be released? Did someone forget to upload? Or isnt it finished yet?
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