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Need Help

Guest Reamis

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im new to MTA..

and im dont know how to make simple teleports xDDD

in sa-mp its very easy,

in mta : dm,

i dont know how.

i need : /sf

position : -2025.8760,147.1338,29.2072

and goes message to chatbox " Reamis now in San Fierro" :)


And how to add custom vehicles,

just like this : blistac_00.jpg

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function consoleSetPlayerPosition ( source, commandName, posX, posY, posZ )

setElementPosition ( source, 1509.9346,-1673.0631,14.0469 )


addCommandHandler ( "ls", consoleSetPlayerPosition )

is it good?

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yes, but change source in setElementPosition with the vehicle the player is using

-- Very basic vehicle positioner  
function consoleSetVehiclePosition ( source, commandName, posX, posY, posZ ) 
    setElementPosition ( getPlayerOccupiedVehicle(source), posX, posY, posZ ) 
addCommandHandler ( "ls", consoleSetVehiclePosition ) 

it will throw errors if you try to do it on someone not in a vehicle unless you put a check in it, its easy enough so ill let you do it, check the development wiki for help :) and if you are feeling more adventurous combine it into the player position function by giving it vehicle detection

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People, read the question. He wants a command /sf which teleports you to San Fierro and displays a message.

addCommandHandler( "sf", function( player ) 
        setElementPosition( player, -2025.8760, 147.1338, 29.2072 ) 
        outputChatBox( "Reamis now in San Fierro", player ) 

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