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An RPG server suggestion


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There's one thing I gotta say about the current RP servers I've played in VC, sa-mp, or whatever. I hate them all. Seriously, they're all crap. I swear some of the guys who designed them probably never played an MMORPG before.

Here's a tip for anyone trying to start a new RP server, buy an MMO like World of Warcraft or Everquest or something and look at what make them so popular. For one, they don't need admins constantly breathing down everyone's necks, the MMO servers are scripted so they can run with thousands of players without too many problems, provided they aren't attacked by hackers and cheaters. A better way than putting everyone on the honor system is to have the server script itself regulate what the players can and can't do. Deathmatching can be controlled by disabling player damage from other players unless they give each other mutual consent to fight.

eg. Player A shoots at Player B, Player B takes no damage. Player A challenges Player B to a fight (using command or whatever), Player B accepts, the players can now damage each other untill one dies. The same could be done for gangs challenging each other to a war.

This would eliminate deathmatching problems on servers and help eliminate the need for server admins (a.k.a. haters of everything that is fun a.k.a. corrupt bastards a.k.a. the real nerds with no life) except for banning hackers. With the release of ped support in DP3, scripters will be able to give players more things to shoot at. The scripter could also designate an area as an open deathmatch area where anyone inside can attack anyone if they to. Another element of MMORPGs is the NPC baddies that players can kill for experience and money, which scripters will be able to do in later releases of MTA.

Well, that's my opinion. I hope the scripters out there will take note of this and incorporate this suggestion into their server. I think MTA has 100x the potential sa-mp has and can pull sa-mp players away with the new ped support. Well? What do you think? Anyone out there agree with me?

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I think you're confusing RP with RPG. RP is completely different then an MMO (which is more RPG like). Peds should be in DP3 but I'm not sure how elaborate they will be, although it would be nice to have some MMO style exp system where you level up for killing monsters. And not all servers haze nazi admins, just find one with good admins :P

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All the RP servers I've been to so far have nothing but nazi admins (must be my luck then :? ). The worst server I've been to is ls-rp in sa-mp where you actually have to apply in the forums to join the server(wtf!?). They banned me from that forum site because I went on a blind spamming rampage because how hard it was to join. :P

I think people will leave RP sa-mp servers (sa-mp can go rot in hell) to play RPG servers on MTA when better peds are out. I'd really like to see that happen.

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Actually a lot of the RP servers want you to join on their forums first :lol:

When you join an RP community it's more of a dedication than just running around blasting random people. btw, in RP you are supposed to be acting things out, which can be pretty cool sometimes, as long as you're patient and have a good imagination. If you don't just stick to DM :mrgreen:

RPG is not the same though, and it would be nice to see :)

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