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When i start mta and browse servers there is a list of servers but all have name : unsscaned and players 0/0 and ping 9999 why ??Can i do something to repair it?

In text can be mistakes because i'm from poland if someone is from poland plis answer me in polish :):wink:

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Does it stay the same after clicking "Refresh"?

You don't have Windows Firewall enabled too do you?

Try and disable any other firewalls such as the ones you get within security software, if you have any installed.

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Klikaj na "Refresh", jeżeli dalej będzie to samo to ogarnij czy nie masz jakiegoś FireWalla na kompie, który Ci blokuje MTA. Ewentualnie sprawdź czy porty nie są zablokowane. Jeżeli dalej będzie to samo to... To masz pecha - "Life is brutal".

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