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I've been recently exploring the FileWrite functions and I've noticed that when a line is written, it overwrites the first line in the file (it doesn't append the line).

Here's the code I've been testing on:

function writeonFile( sourcePlayer, command ) 
    local hFile = fileOpen("TEST.txt" ) 
    if hFile then 
        local check = fileWrite(hFile,  "This is a test file 2! \n") 
        if ( check ) then 
            outputChatBox( "You wrote something down" ) 
            outputChatBox( "Didn't work...." ) 
        outputConsole("Unable to open test.txt") 
addCommandHandler( "w", writeonFile) 

Another person has reported the same problem, here.

Quote from my TEST.txt, even though the command has been used multiple times, there is only one line of text.

This is a test file!

Any suggestions/ideas on how to make it append the entry?

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What up Morelli.

Use fileRead ( theFile, bytes ) where bytes is the number of bytes forward you want to go through in the file, and then just discard the data fileRead returns. Or use sql db or xml to store data in files, much more practical.

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What up Morelli,

Don't use the file functions, use the xml functions for storing stuf in files, makes it easyer.

As for your question, i don't know the anser.

Easier or not, I'm looking for potential bugs. :)

I tried writing the file in the native lua way of:

io.write("text", "a")


However it showed up as undefined global variable 'io'.

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as wiki says for fileWrite: "Writes one or more strings to a the given file, starting at the current read/write position." I suppose when you open the file the position is set at the start of the file, so you'll have to read the it, and fileSetPos to add a line instead of rewriting it

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