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how do u make a horizontal maplimit ???


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I busy at making a stealth map, but i wuld like it to have a horizontal maplimit aswell.

I now have it like this, and wuld like to have a horizontal limit aswell. It's no problem

if it covers the entire map or just a lil piece. Anybody knows how i can do that =o???

(if its possible :P it shuld be like getting above the border makes u die :o)

=D that's a square =D!!!

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How about somebody make me a maplimits2 where y is changed into z (so u get x,z)

and then i add that into the meta file of the map as:

and then I add something like this into my .map file

and that wuld make me a box 1 width 1 high and 1 lenght if im correct

wuld that work???

and wuld anybody be willing to change the normal script to x,z maplimits script =D???

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