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  1. camera line: the posx,y,z are the positions the camera is at, and the targetx,y,z is where the camera is looking towards, u can easily make em by making like 2 small objects, set the camera into 1 of em and aim ur camera and the other and then just write the coordinates down. spawn: add a spawnpoint at the place u want em to spawn, write down the position. The rotation is around the z-axis and skin is the skin number. Just open a tdma map at the recourses (they packed in zip files) and look how it's putt togheter. It's pretty easy once u see how the other map is putt togheter, unless u want some special things added to it, but i guess that's not the case I'm pretty sure u can't use the skin from the gta3 guy. As far as i know ur only able to change objects and vehicles and I dun know how that can be done.
  2. kk somebody made me the stuff so now i can adds em i think thanks for the replies
  3. u making it even harder now, i think i won't be able to do something like that
  4. =o kk so how can i change it if i want it locked or unlocked???
  5. How about somebody make me a maplimits2 where y is changed into z (so u get x,z) and then i add that into the meta file of the map as: and then I add something like this into my .map file and that wuld make me a box 1 width 1 high and 1 lenght if im correct wuld that work??? and wuld anybody be willing to change the normal script to x,z maplimits script =D???
  6. - - that work and then i add the car line with positions and stuff into the map file? and r u sure they are locked by default and how can i change it???
  7. =o can i make it a square so that it contains a box??? something like this perhaps???: x=0 y=0 z=0 x=1 y=0 z=0 x=1 y=1 z=0 x=0 y=1 z=0 x=0 y=0 z=1 x=1 y=0 z=1 x=1 y=1 z=1 x=0 y=1 z=1
  8. so i cant add it into 1 specific map??? (u said they locked by default, was that a typo ?)
  9. Can i add the line: vehicle createVehicle ( int model, float x, float y, float z, [float rx, float ry, float rz, string numberplate] ) into a map if i have all the info i need about the position and car???
  10. Can u add locked cars or unuseable cars to a stealth map? if so, how????
  11. I busy at making a stealth map, but i wuld like it to have a horizontal maplimit aswell. I now have it like this, and wuld like to have a horizontal limit aswell. It's no problem if it covers the entire map or just a lil piece. Anybody knows how i can do that =o??? (if its possible it shuld be like getting above the border makes u die ) =D that's a square =D!!!
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