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[BETA][WIP] "Capture the Cargo"


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Basically, i have been working on a Modification of Brophy's Capture the Vehicle Game Mode.

(I hope you dont mind Brophy.... well, the file said "Capture the Vehicle by BrophY©, if you wish to modify, keep copyright notice and credits in the file" And i have Done So)

This is a beta release, and its on Hold because of Problems with MTA itself (Mainly Verry Bad Trailer Sync)

I would also strongly reccomend not using it on an open server, because of its glitchyness at the moment, im mainly just showing what i have planned.

Ok, Basically...


Spawn as 1 of 4 teams, and each team has to get thier trucks to the "Cargo Trailer" and get it back to thier base at all costs.... Hell you could almost call the gametype "Tanker Commander" After the SinglePlayer Mission.

I have seperated the "Known Bugs" section into 3 parts. and Here they are...

Problems with MTA Itself. (unfixable by editing the game mode)

Trailer Sync: [Trailer only appears to work correctly for the person towing it, other people often recive bugs like trailer Flying around around, Going absolutley Spastic, or becomming detached and returning to its original location, Even tho the person driving the truck still sees it as being attached to thier truck, and can still take it to thier base]

Problems with the Game Mode:

Easy Score: If the Truck head is Destroyed With the trailer Attached, when the truck head Respawns at base, the Trailer will still be connected, and can be driven about 3 feet to the finish point to get an easy score.

Bad Join Sync: If Has the cargo connected and joins, will only see the cargo as being at the Spawn Point, and Not connected to Truck.

No Announcements: Game Mode does not say " has the Cargo" when a team connects thier truck to the Trailer.

No Scores: No scoring system is implemented yet.

Destroyed Cargo: When cargo is destroyed, it still says "The Vehicle Has Been Destroyed" instead of "The cargo has Been Destroyed"

Map Issues:

Bad Trailer Spawns: The Trailer in Dillimore spawns in a bad place.

Bad Vehi Spawns: A lot of the Vehicle spawns are thru the ground or walls.

But Still, i hope to get these bugs ironed out, but it will be on hold till the Trailer Sync issues in MTA are fixed. (Expected wait.... Never)

Here are a coupple of Testing Screenshots.

Ballas Base:


Airport Trailer Spawn:


Towing the Cargo:


And if you really want to have a look:

GameMode: http://files.potholestudios.com/dazzajay/ctc/ctc.zip

Map: http://files.potholestudios.com/dazzajay/ctc/ctc-ls.zip

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