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Mouse freezes

Guest threek

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Sometimes my mouse movement locks up, i'll update when i have tested some more, because i am unsure when exactly it happens yet, (or rather what ive done to make it happen)

also sometimes the game looses focus with my mouse and the MTA mouse cursor appears and i loose mouse control to that.

i seem to vaguely rememebr it happeneing alot when exiting my car, or entering driveby mode. i am using a microsoft/Razer Habu mouse and my enter/exit button is mouse 4 (a side button) and Driveby mode is RMB

running new copy of vista 64 on a

Intel 4xq6600 2.6 ghz

Nvidia 8800 gts

3 gig of ram

hope the spec's help

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The first thing is a GTA issue, not MTA.

Anyways, I have the solution for it. You don't have to close and reopen the game in order to make it work. It happens because MTA is partially out of focus (don't ask me how :P), and it can be fixed by Alt + Tabbing a few times until you get it right. It's about Alt + Tabbing away from the MTA application (I know you can't minimize it but that's not what I'm saying either) and back again. If your eyes are fast enough you can see the Windows Alt + Tab application for some miliseconds.

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