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[REL] Nick Anti-Cheat


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Hello all.

As you may be aware, some people put "`" in their name to avoid being kicked, and are usually cheaters.

Based on a bug report, I've made a script that will kick anyone with that in their nick, giving them 30 seconds to change it first. It also checks whether people change their nick to include "`". It is heavily based on AlienX's anti cheat script - without it, this script wouldn't exist yet :lol:.

Instructions for use:

Not many, just make sure the script has privileges to kick players. Install the zip file in the server resources folder, start it in any manner you wish and voila! Protection against nick cheaters.

Feel free to share any feedback you might have, and I'll do my best to accommodate your suggestions when I have time. If you want any more nick conditions adding, please let me know.

That's it for this post, enjoy the script!

Edit: First release had a bug, and a typo. Here's the updated link

Download here: http://dedicated.janipewter.net/upload/antinamecheat.zip

Many thanks to Jani for testing the file on his server, and for hosting the file :)


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Very simple and useful script indeed. To use it, follow these steps:

Upload the zip file to your server's resources directory. If you are using a httpmirror, create a folder named antinamecheat and extract the two files into it, and upload the folder to your mirror server.

The script needs kick privileges so you need to add it to your access control list. The easiest way to do this is create a new group which has ONLY the kick privilege, so if anything goes horribly wrong with the script, the most it can do is kick. To do this, I first need to create an ACL which allows members to use the kickPlayer function. This is simple, and in my example I will call my ACL Onlykick. In my acl.xml, it looks like this:

<acl name="Onlykick"> 
   <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"/> 

Now you need to create a group which will link the resource and the ACL. In this example I will call my group ackick. It should look as follows in acl.xml:

<group name="ackick"> 
   <acl name="Onlykick"/> 
   <object name="resource.antinamecheat"/> 

The resource now has permission to use function.kickPlayer, the only administrative function it requires to work.

If you want the server to load the anticheat kicker upon startup, you should add the following line to your mtaserver.conf:

<resource src="antinamecheat" startup="1" protected="0"/> 

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does this only kick people with the ` in thier names?

because i have seen cheaters also using Spaces in thier names... like " Nomez " and when you try to /votekick (if no admins are on the server) it just says "Invalid nick" or somthing like that.

if it dosent kick people with spaces in thier name, can you add that?

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