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Preventing cheaters! possible "search" option on t

Guest [BoP]Andy

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Hello there. I've JUST got MTA to work by trial and error : your manual included isn't really much help - might want to include how to join servers by that weird way of starting GTA3 first, then opting out of windows, joining a server in ASE, then going back to GTA3.

When i actually got into a game (actually an empty server) i played against this unbeatable player who, i'm sure, was cheating. Does this mean you can use mods/downloaded trainers etc. with GTA3 MTA?

Wasn't really fun after a while cos he kept flying around everywhere chasing after me, then running me over and changing the colours of the cars to dark blue. It was all pretty weird. It worked : so i was happy.

Another suggestion is to have a "search" option for the forums? Because i usually have to go through every single post to find somewhere to post my response in the appropriate section. Hence, why i'm not a frequent forum user - of any kind. So, it would be beneficial to everyone if you had a Search option. Because i'm sure this forum will soon become PACKED full of unnavigable responses.

Thanks, [boP]Andy 8)

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