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FireFox problem with MTA Site and others

Guest Stealth Pyros

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Hey all, I hope I can get a few responses from this.

When I go to the MTA Home Page and let it load fully in FireFox, the pictures at the top of the page don't load up. The same happens on Wikipedia on any article. The left and top pane do not appear and the layout of the articles are plain and unorganized. Everything works fine in IE. I have the latest FireFox and I already tried removing it entirely and re-installing. I have already cleared my cache, cookies, temporary files, etc. etc. Picture below.


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I'm sorry for this double post, but I can't see the Edit button. Now I realize I can't see the full page on these forum threads either. The text is cut off as well as the images.

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Uhh... ok so it looks like the text being cut off from threads is not just me. My friend is having the same trouble on this forum.

When I type just mtasa.com in Firefox the pictures don't load up. But when I enter http://www.mtasa.com it loads perfect. This never used to happen though why is it happening now? Any clues? Tips? Thanks in advance I'll check in for a reply.

Ok so I fixed the problems in these forums by changing the forum style to v1 or v2. Either way I was hoping someone can help me with the other problem on the MTA home page and Wiki overall.

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