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Is it Just Racing?

Guest Neven123

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I mean is it, I mean the racing so fun, but then again I would like to enjoy a nice game of roleplay and deathmatch, and when I join deathmatch servers its still racing and u cant get out of your car. Help me find some servers for deathmatch. Otherwise it's the best multiplayer game ever! I am very proud of everyone who made it happen. Godbless u all!

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R1 of MTA:SA incorporates only racing. However, it is possible to engage in vehicle combat with tanks and Hydras. Deathmatch will be added in a later release, once walking and shooting code has been finished.
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There are alot of videos and images over the internet at the moment showing the current Alpha version of MTA San Andreas: Death Match, which ofcourse is a mode where your able to get out of your car and blast the living daylight outta your bestist friend!... lol :P

But, at the current time there is no release date, and there probally never will be a known release date - it will be ready when its ready.

Were very close to the beta stages now though, so keep your eye on http://www.mtavc.com for future updates.

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