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This is a scenario i posted over at planet GTA...



Thought if Rockstar won't do it, maybe the modders can, although it would be very ambitious..

I've been dreaming of GTA online for years... A simplified idea here bear with me... You have gangs whether ones like SA or Mafia types in VC(all user controlled), You have cops(possibly good cops and bad cops user controlled) 64 to 100 player servers.. And still have the citizen AI... Now the gangs in order to win the rounds have to successfully extort business owners, Still make money the usual way, Killing and taking moneymugging/busting AI drug dealers, and earn enough to buy better weapons, and the businesses you extort(AI businesses) can be taken over by rival gangs, so they need to be protected, all this while avoiding cops(User Controlled) and not getting busted. Now you get payed extortion money at intervals from the extorted businesses, unless a rival gang(User controlled) takes over the business, Thus creating gangwars between rival gangs, and giving the cops something to bust you for... Now, the cops, as they bust members of these rival gangs confiscate money from the members they arrest so the cops can also win ... Whoever has the most money after a timer ticks down, wins... Or I'm sure there's other factors that can add into this, Maybe controlling the most extorted businesses, and good cops can win by preventing the businesses from being extorted and possibly bad cops can be thrown into this mix as extortionist themselves..

Now, you can take it a step further and have a gang communication structure, where each gang has a Boss, or gangleader, that gives orders to its gang members in a concerted effort to control all the businesses, or make the most money to win the game.... If you wanna take it even further, you can have a hitman squad that can be paid to assasinate gangmembers who try and take over your extorted businesses... So, Here's how my scenario would pane out, Maybe 3 gangs, the cops, and the hitmen, The gangs extort, the cops bust, the hitmen protect the extorted businessmen at the behest of a gangboss, Thus creating a city full of corruption and mayhem....

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