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Taunts? Lock Cars

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1- there are some voice sounds in gtasa right, like sounds of peds, or CJ, or another characters

maybe you can make keybinds, taunts or something.

you walk on the street with your gang and push on ''H'' or something, and say ''keep up mother fu cker'' lol..

2- imagine, you have a beatiful cheetah, with nos 10x, and all the stuff... so you are driving in your new car, you will park your car to look on the map, and then a stupid asshole is jacking your car....

well maybe its a good idea that you can lock your car, so nobody can steal your car, i think im not the only one with this suggestion :P

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Hammertime in the middle of SA!

By the way, on SA:MP, locking cars never worked, as cars always respawned locked: calling for stranded players. Better integration of locks would be better. But the most important thing to remember is: take responsibility for your own property: no locking makes the game more fun and adds a little challenge.

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