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2 hours ago, Snakegold said:

didn't work

-- First, create a variable to store the size of the colshape
local colshapeSize = 5 -- Let's assign a default size of 5 units

-- Function to create a square colshape
function createSquareColshape(x, y, z)
    local size = colshapeSize -- Get the colshape size

    local colshape = createColRectangle(x - size / 2, y - size / 2, size, size) -- Create the square colshape

    return colshape -- Return the created colshape

-- Function to adjust the colshape size
function setColshapeSize(newSize)
    colshapeSize = newSize -- Set the new size

-- Create a square colshape for testing purposes
addCommandHandler("squarecolshape", function(player)
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) -- Get the position of the player executing the command
    local colshape = createSquareColshape(x, y, z) -- Create the square colshape
    outputChatBox("Square colshape created!", player) -- Send a message indicating the colshape is created

-- Add a command to adjust the size
addCommandHandler("colshapesize", function(player, cmd, newSize)
    newSize = tonumber(newSize) -- Convert the argument to a number
    if newSize then
        setColshapeSize(newSize) -- Set the colshape size
        outputChatBox("Colshape size set to " .. newSize .. "!", player) -- Send a message indicating the size is set
        outputChatBox("Invalid size. Please enter a number!", player) -- Send an error message for an invalid size


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