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IRS - International Racing Server (Race)

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Are you bored and want to RACE with some folks, on maps made by me, my friends or some random maps? You're in the right place!

Visit International Racing Server (IRS) - open for literally anyone. You can play with us, or your friends there. I want to do also some events in the future there, and the prize would be a temporary staff on the server, installing your own skin that you'll tell us to install or maybe even prized competitions soon. Keep in mind, that this is not DD / DM RACE, instead it is a Classic Race with checkpoints.

Some server commands:

  • /nos (nfs | hybrid | normal| ) Select your nitro style. NFS: You can manually turn it off / on by pressing LCTRL or L-MOUSE BUTTON at anytime, and hybrid-style NOS; press fire once to start NOS, press fire again to stop.
  • /fpslimit (vehicle / boat) (number) Adjust your FPS number. Default server FPS is 100. We recommend setting 30 fps for Boats because boats won't work properly while sliding on land or when landing from a distance
  • F7 - Turn on / off race progress bar
  • F5 - Turn on / off toptimes on a map
  • C - Enable carhide
  • X - Enable carfade
  • /cpdelays - toggle the delays
  • /setdelaypos x y - set the relative position of the delays [0 - 1]
  • /rate (1-10) (also can do 1.5-9.5) Rate the map you are currently playing. All ratings will be shown, when you'll vote for a new map in () near the map name
  • /votemap Start a map voting process. If you dont like certain map you are playing, you can boot up a window and you can vote for a new map to be played there
  • /new Vote for a random map to start
  • /skin (number) - Change your racer skin. It will save it to your account, if you are logged in
  • /register (password) Register your account
  • /login (password) Login to your account with the credentials you've written when registering

Things to come (if i'll find scripts / do scripts myself for it):

  • Win Money after finishing race
  • Map Panel where you can buy maps
  • Wheel panel for you to give yourself a new wheel look

You can also upload your own maps for us to validate, and they might appear on the server! Join our Discord channel for that! https://discord.gg/y6wt7awQDm you will be able to communicate with other folks there as well, and also tag me if you'll encounter any problems


We just want to create a peaceful community with friends, and you randoms of course - and we want to grow it. Consider staying there. More server info is on the Discord. Thanks!

- IRS Staff

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Bump: If you want IP of the server, here you go: mtasa:// (we didn't see much activity from the forums despite views, but yesterday there were 4 people playing at peak so it was cool). If you want to also help us grow, and if you are a scripter who's just passionate about the game and want to help out - come on board. If you are a mapper and you are doing RACE Maps (with checkpoints) or easy DM maps that anybody could pass, also come on board. We have 200+ maps on the server, which maybe like 20, 30 of them are our made maps and my maps from years 2013-2016 and newer ones. We have server open from the early hours from 7AM EU time up to 10PM (22PM) EU time - we can't stay open for 24/h just because we are using a free host service, that allows us to have a free server but with some difficulties such as sometimes having auto-restarts - I also need to frequently join the website to keep the server running so if you like the dedication, thank you!!

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