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You banned by Mta : Close "Hearth of iron"

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Hi , my name is omid and i got banned by mta and mta is says "Close Hearth of Iron" while now i closed my steam that means when steam is not launched , hearth of iron game cant be launch ! and i am not cheating or hacking or ... even when i opened mta i closed my steam even i don't found any rules about hearth of iron game in mta rules and eula and TOS and i don't know about this rule 

this is my mtadiag log : https://pastebin.multitheftauto.com/7978970462

please say me how much time i got banned and please tell me can anybody unban me or not ?

 this is my screenshot link : https://s6.uupload.ir/files/screenshot_(107)_wxhr.png

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