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important: quit funktion!

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Well, you can log out as well. Just press the windows button and press the button 'L' twice. You will log out and MTA will be forced to close. Make sure you don't have important unsaved stuff in the background. It's better than forcing your computer to shut down. You can also download CrashKiller.

It won't log out.. you will still have the MTA screen open

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i just have dual screens, and just put taskmanager in right one before starting mta in case it will crash, i can ALWAYS reach it then, whatever programme is open on whatever way ;)

btw, sometimes my pc wont respond to the power button either (the one you boot it with) its really weird but my whole pc is really weird (wont even show the start thingy good when i only have 1 screen connected... however it wont take screenshots even if a have 2 screens... :roll:)

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You unplug your computer when its still on? AHHH!!! I sure hope you didn't invest a lot of money in it.

On the topic: I think that the crashing may have something to do with the monitor and/or resoultion. SA worked fine on my 21" CRT trinitron with no crashes EVER. But I recently bought a 20.1" LG widescreen LCD. The game's settings still told it to run in my other monitors resolution, which was unsupported by my monitor because it's widescreen and doesn't have the same refresh rate as a CRT would.

I had to re-install the game, and ever since then it's been crashing whenever I exit... I can stiff get into task manager though and end task. Weird though, I wonder why this happens.

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i can choose any video out and any resolution before starting gta :roll:

i just get a window to choose the setting on starup...

so also widescreen resolutions while my monitors both arent widescreen ;)

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