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What is client port for MTAMA?


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yeh well i have a router so what port does mtama need open? and also when i try 2003 port (which is the port people connect to for me) it just disconnects and doesnt work.

* Connecting to (Normal)
* Disconnected: Timed out.
* Send: 21B | Recieved: 0B | Time: 10secs

And also im trying to connect to MY own server..

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Use the MTAServerConfigTool in your MTA folder to set up your server, if it gives up errors, remove the MTAServerConfigTool.exe.manifest and try again, there itll ask you to enter the admin port, make it be 4003 (or whatever you want, but it must be a udp port) game port make 2003, then start the server and in the server window it must tell you that the Admin server started successfuly (if not u did something wrong)

After that in the mtama enter IP, your admin and client ports, admin pass and hit connect button. must work

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