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Pz help, i have been workin on my server 4 days :S

Guest Willy!

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Hey, i am really stuck atm, i have my server i have it all setup, with mta:ma aswell but my problem is that i cant get the internet to see it, my friends try 2 connect but are not able 2, i have forwarded the ports and IPs

If any1 can help i would be extremly greatful

thank you,

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if you can connect ....

on adres 'localhost' (or in IP : ) (if server is on same computer as gta .. or on the internal network IP .. probably 10.0.0.X or 192.168.1.X (but youll have to figure it out with the command ipconfig in - start - run - cmd )

but other people cant ..

problem = router / firewall or other extra sercurity software

so there might be a slight error in the ports you configured to be forwarded (maybe tcp instead of udp - maybe you added the rules but didnt save in modem page ?)

make sure it goes to the right internal IP .. and set the compu with server on a fixed internal IP ( start - settings - network - rightmouse connection - internet protocol (tcp/ip) .. change automatically to (valid) manual input

hope this gives some ideas .. its really hard for us to help you configure IPs , portforwarding etcetc

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