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ChatGPT and similar - A serious issue.


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On 03/04/2023 at 12:05, AREPIUU said:

voce abriu minha mente aobrigado estava entrigado com isso a dias sobre roubo de ideias tem acontecido muito comigo

No problem, bro. This intellectual property theft is heavier than ever. In the past it was hindered by the intellect and perseverance of people. But now countless of machines that are capable to estimate and logically deduce using "examples" can be used for that purpose. The degeneration of society using such wild technology is inevitable if politics does not remove the money source. My idea is the following:

- instead of being given the benefit of the doubt in court, CSG or higher language science software models (1) have to prove that they own the intellectual property rights to their output (goes in hand with the AI being a commercial product)

- watch every company or entity involved in (1) by market and political checks, them having to apply to various programmes opening up their databases and activities

- humanize internet technologies, partition the web, make an alternative "internet"

Just some ideas. But the "as-if" principles that those crooks use could make any political safe-guard a joke. In the worst case the theft happens purely in energetical interactions not traceable by the human perception, hidden behind cryptograhically strong communication, output far-and-wide in stochastical spread.

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Everyone is susceptible to attacks with AI. I believe it's more of an immediate threat... like Hurricane Katrina. What did people do when it happened? They adapted, built a tent on the roof while the basement was flooded. ChatGPT a threat? I don't think that's what MTA should be worried about. More simple social fundamentals will become a problem. And going so far as to stop this project from being Open Source, as of now, is an inherently socialist idea. We shouldn't go full communist just yet! Humans still do real human things.

The serials are at the greatest risk of attack since MTA isn't a whitelisted game. Flooding the serials with bots or something could lead to new players being unable to play. There needs to be more security in that realm. ChatGPT cannot do this. If anything, AI has been helping tremendously, especially for roleplay servers. Now, using Copy.ai, you can write a business treatment in seconds—no more tedious write-ups. But as roleplay is still a heavily text-based gamemode we will have to adapt to AI. The big issues:

1. MTA isn't a mobile app when it really oughta be. If and when it does become a mobile app, new serials will flood the system. Mouse and keyboard integration needed... this will take forever but we can assume it will happen eventually. Steam Deck/Link and the rise of virtual machines and IOT (Internet of Things) proves this.

2. GTA:SA is no longer on Steam, Definitive Edition pulled a Waco, Texas on MTA and SAMP. Might become harder to obtain GTA:SA as forums/internet becomes more unstable. Someone should post a copy of the game on archive.org or some place we can all see. A permanent home for an iconic game.

3. ChatGPT could be used amazingly, but also maliciously. It can catapult text based roleplay into the future. Very soon we will be able to make a 100% realistic voice for our own characters! Text based roleplay with a customized voice. No more annoying people on the microphone breaking emersion—a huge step forward for creating a realistic environment. But then again it will become harder to verify if someone is from a particular country OR is of age to play (some servers have age requirements). As we've seen, roleplay is heavily segregated by country. Servers proprietors and owners must consider this!

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