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recently these two cheaters entered my server, they call themselves "[removed]" and "[removed]" they totally messed up the players' gameplay, I would like you to do something about it.

I own a server on the MTA, and every day these cheaters come back, even if I ban them they change their serial and manage to come back, I have the two most recent serial of "[removed]"

please dutchman punish this cheater, he even brags about what he does and posted a video on my server (I won't attach it here as I don't know if it's allowed, but if so I will show you the video that the two cheaters recorded)

[removed] connected (IP: [removed] Serial: [removed] Version: [removed])


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Hey @Diaz4986, you're right in thinking that the video shouldn't be posted here, and that is also true for the IP and other player information that you posted here. Please don't post that on the public forums again. Cheater reports can be sent via PM to Dutchman101

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