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answer Ban appeals players waiting for responding


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1 hour ago, fasyyyy said:

noone is answering players waiting what is this there is appeals that waiting months and no answers

Hi, welcome to the forums.

As you should have read in the ban appeals section, there is an on-going delay in the response times.
Here's part of the notice:


If you're globally banned by MTA, it may take longer than usual for us to respond as our teams are busy.

Please respect our Forum Rules when posting to this forum. This includes:
- Do not contact staff to review your ban appeal
- Any duplicate ban appeals, and spam/offtopic comments on ban appeals may be removed by our Forum Moderators

Each ban appeal will get handled eventually. All you have to do is have patience. I know this might be hard for a lot of people, but there is no way to speed up this process.
Posting about this delay does nothing but clutter the forums since there is an active notice about the response times.

I'll lock this as there is nothing to discuss about this subject at this point in time.

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