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server Idle and unscanned help me pls

Guest Giovo

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To tell you the truth i have never known what idle means but here is my problem

i have downloaded the mta 111 thing and yes if you are wondering my my grand theft auto san andreas ys modded ith snow mod

i dont really know how to get it out anyway

when I open the server list and its serching for severs its says unscanned at first then it igives you the names

well mine it stays at unscanned and it wont connect I diidnt had this problem before cuz I used to play the vice city death matches with no problem but then it just didint wanted to work pls if anyone has the answer to this pls help me out I HAVENT GOT A CHANCE TO PLAY THE SAN ANDREAS DEATHMATCH

so pls adn thanks in advance (p.s. My vice city wasnt modded) :roll:

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as the ps said vice city want moded and the problem started there

anyway i finally manege to take the snow mod out and still

wont solve my problem

any other sugestion?

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Copy your saved games from GTA san andreas user files folder, and then save them elsewere. Just like me, uninstall the game and reinstall it and paste your saved games back in to the GTA san andreas user files folder!

should solve your problemo - it did mine :D

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