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Missing file :: MSCVP71.dll

Guest luuklisting

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When i install MTA .. it gives an error saying .. a file called


is missing .. i DO know there is a file called msVCR71.dll wich it also needs, but i already got that one ..

Can somebody send me the file; MSCVP71.dll please .. add me .. [email protected]..

you could also mail it .. to [email protected] .. or if anybody knows a download link .. please tell me..

thnx ..

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Read the document pages in future.
Q: I get an error: missing DLL "msvcr71.dll".

A: This is possible to fix by downloading: http://misc.opencoding.net/mta/msvcr71.zip and copying the dll into your system folder, usually c:\windows\system32 or (if that doesn't exist) c:\windows\system.

obviously, my friend .. you didn't read my post at all ..

it says .. i ALREADY have .. the MSCVR71.dll file .. the one i'm looking for is called MSCVP71.dll. They are different .. like i said ..

so would you please READ my post in the future before posting anything at all ? ..

thank you

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in this case .. google is my enemy.. you can't the file anywhere ..

also .. all the dll databases do not have it.

it's a file wich 1 out of 10000 computer seem to have ..

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got it .. but .. now the center login works ..

but i still get .. a black screen .. when i start mta ..

i can see it switch frames .. from .. nvidia ''commercial'' to the main menu .. i can see the screen get .. lighter .. when it enter main menu .. but i cant see anything but the less dark screen -_-

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