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Can you help me?

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I want to play MTA but it doesn't work!

I've installed MTA and I've installed MTA! But know I don't know how to start it... I don't get it from the manual! :( I think I have to choose a server in ASE and double click on it. Then the MTA Launcher starts! I press "GTA 3 MTA" then I start a new game and the credits start... I press "Alt + Tab" and press the launch server button. But if I return to game nothing happen! The Credits still run down... I hope you can help me!!!



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??? where should that send request button be?

I think my MDA don't work right... There is no send request button or s.th. like this.

Hope you can help me...

PS: Is it right that if I press Start GTA 3 MTA the setup of MTA starts? I don't think so...

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