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Connect from Welcome Screen and other connection ideas

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Please make connect and reconnect easier.

Request 1

On the MTA start screen, if a server ip exists in memory, offer a Connect button that goes straight to it without selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser.


Request 2 

On selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser for the first time don't have a native drop down from the ip.


Request 3

On accidental disconnect from server a notice appears that says you have disconnected from server, with an okay button. make a click anywhere on screen close this notice, or better yet put a reconnect button next to it to allow instant reconnect to the server you just disconnected from.


Request 4

Dare I suggest, an auto rejoin on mta client start option in the user settings, that on mta start would without any other button pressed join the one and only server i have ever joined on mta in 5 years... I am that predictable.


Request 5

And the greatest of all features not seen since IV:MP is? Auto reconnect on accidental disconnect, that will relentlessly try to reconnect to the same ip for days on end, and connect the instant that server, or a new server instance on that ip posts its presence to master. Mmm that's good serving.

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I don't know if you know about this feature but you can create a shortcut on your desktop with the server IP and port and when you run it you will get connected to the server right after the game loaded. 

Shortcut path: mtasa://serverIP:serverPort
Example: mtasa://

I think this might be useful to you as you mentioned you only play on one server and it's fastest way to get into a server (skipping all the menu browsing part).

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