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  1. Please make connect and reconnect easier. Request 1 On the MTA start screen, if a server ip exists in memory, offer a Connect button that goes straight to it without selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser. Request 2 On selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser for the first time don't have a native drop down from the ip. Request 3 On accidental disconnect from server a notice appears that says you have disconnected from server, with an okay button. make a click anywhere on screen close this notice, or better yet put a reconnect button next to it to allow instant reconnect to the server you just disconnected from. Request 4 Dare I suggest, an auto rejoin on mta client start option in the user settings, that on mta start would without any other button pressed join the one and only server i have ever joined on mta in 5 years... I am that predictable. Request 5 And the greatest of all features not seen since IV:MP is? Auto reconnect on accidental disconnect, that will relentlessly try to reconnect to the same ip for days on end, and connect the instant that server, or a new server instance on that ip posts its presence to master. Mmm that's good serving.
  2. Can anyone point me to where the MTA Default package Player Name Tag Script Location is please? And taking all recommendations for a replacement community resource for player name tags
  3. Since May 19th a conflict has existed between Multi Theft Auto and FiveM multiplayer. It is my hope it will be resolved. All errors spoken of were evident across multiple machines, with caches cleared, after reboots, on adequately burly gaming PCs with no other issues to speak of. For five years I have run simultaneous multiplayer games on my desktops and VPS servers. Two High end PCs running MTA, and "else" constantly. "Else" has included IVMP, GTAMP, Reborn, JC3MP, Coop, FiveMP, RageMP and Finally FiveM. To name but a few. And never have I encountered a cross client conflict. MTA is and has always been a one month uptime stable client. While FiveM is and always has been 'broken since 2015'. One month before this error FiveM had a Google Chrome client conflict, which the elements and admins denied ritualistically, where with FiveM open and running stable, suddenly following an update of FiveM, a start of Google Chrome would crash FiveM, while chromium did not. A month later and about when the MTA conflict began, this Google Chrome conflict which "did not exist" disappeared entirely, following a succession of FiveM updates. So what happens? As my daily start up I start MTA and join my server, I start FiveM and join my server, then idle both clients in spectate mode as an alternative to TV, as I have been specifically doing with only these two clients for two years straight without issue. Until a series of updates from FiveM, which unfortunately came at the same time as MTA's rare updating. Where if I start FiveM first, then MTA will not join a server, but rather freezes. Described in detail here as the initial symptom of this problem: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/124937-cant-join-any-server/?tab=comments#comment-980550 Equally discussed here, where deterministic_bubble offers a half solution. https://forum.cfx.re/t/multi-theft-auto-client-conflicts-created-by-fivem-client/1321798 The most effect is felt on San Andreas, and not as a result of MTA. After the May 19th update of FiveM. With FiveM Running, San Andreas could not be started, it would freeze at half game load and never complete. Since then deterministic_bubble suggested the SilentPatchSA.zip which actually fixes the problem. San Andreas can now be started while FiveM is running, and played across the map without freezing. But MTA, still freezes when you try to join a server. So whatever solution SilentSA is passing to San Andreas, is not being received and used by MTA. SilentSA is not a mod I have ever used before. I run both MTA, SA, FiveM, and GTAV in stock format with no loaders, no mods, no saves, no changes at all. And until the May 19 FiveM update, for the two years previous, this problem never existed. It was also not fixable by running an out of date MTA client preceding their May update. So the problem is likely created by FiveM's update, possibly related to their fix for the Google Chrome crash issue, came sometime prior to May 19, 2020 perhaps up to one week before. And while unresolvable to date is not truly critical in the following situations: 1) If i run MTA on its own, in all stock format, it operates perfectly as always. With no FiveM running. It joins a server, it teleports freely around the map, and it never freezes. 2) If I start MTA first and join a server and idle the client in one spot, notably without moving a large distance, then start FiveM and run it. Both clients will idle for days, without issue, MTA cannot spectate, as any change in position on game map will cause it to freeze. FiveM operates as normal, spectates freely. But if I have to restart MTA, I have to turn off FiveM first. As in all other instances of normal game play, with FiveM running, will freeze MTA. This is a very unusual problem I have never encountered before between multiplayers. It is evident across multiple machines. It is my hope it can be solved. It never existed before May 19, and I am certain like so many of the horrors FiveM visits on its dedicated community, that there is nothing which that same community cannot find a way to fix. The ball is in your court FiveM... all help, suggestions, guesses are welcome please. https://forum.cfx.re/t/multi-theft-auto-client-conflicts-created-by-fivem-client-part-ii/1446675
  4. Can anyone recommend the best place to buy San Andreas? I am allergic to Steam, and will never purchase there, nor use their claustrophobic cult client. Does this version work for MTA? Will it require Rockstar Launcher? https://www.rockstarwarehouse.com/store/rsg/en_US/pd/productID.5279811500 Does anyone know another reliable source? Is it still available for free anywhere, and working with MTA?
  5. Freezes, Appeals Ignored. MTA is dead now. Why has thou forsaken us!?!?! What has happened, why is it suddenly doing this? This worked for 5 years, now suddenly doesn't
  6. Both my computers join a server now.... I have no specific solution at this time. I installed a 3 month old MTA client, it failed to act differently. I installed an 8 month old client it insisted on updating and did nothing different. My i7 remained joined to a server and after a quit rejoined!! My i3 would not. I copied the MTA client folder from the i7 whch was working, to the i3 which was not, and now it logs in despite doing that exact same thing the night before. Both client join and rejoin, and I have no idea why, except MTA systems were causing this problem, and they have now been fixed. Or more theory-wise, this .exe asks someone if it can start the game first, and that someone was not there for a day... During this period Single Player would not load either, it froze at half loading. I have not since tested it. I am using gta_sa.exe 14,049KB if that helps anyone. I think it was the widescreen fix No-CD. Same as usual for the past 5 years. Wish I knew more, to help. If anyone else has this problem, list your system and gta version and .exe type etc...
  7. confirmed. What doesn't fix this: 1) Reinstalling MTA 2) Reinstalling GTASA 3) Reinstalling Windows 4) Using a different Computer What slightly fixes this: 1) Reboot your computer, and as fast as you can start MTA and join a server. (It will eventually freeze MTA or crash.) This error is new since the last update of MTA around a few weeks ago. We have to wait for @ccw or @Dutchman101 to fix it. It is not caused by the server, it occurs on all servers. It does not effect other players on any server I have seen. Though where one complains a 1000 are suffering... It is likely specific to a confined group of people. It is specific to both my computers, which are OS identical reimaged from the same AOMEI backup for 5 years running, without 1 issue ever from MTA. I reimaged both computers last night following my upper 3 posts. My original error occurred on a 5 month old build with no other issues. After reimaging, both always rejoin MTA perfectly. No changes to MTA or the image since. My i7 rejoined MTA immediately following boot, my i3 did not. I tried and tried and it would never join, until I rebooted the i3 and joined immediately. It then joined, sat idle for 10 hours over night, spectated a player this morning. And froze up but did not crash just a minute ago, where it sits blackscreen frozen with the "doing something" wheel at center base of screen doing nothing. Task manager says it is not responding, though it was a white screen underworld spectate a few minutes ago. It is very very slowly doing something. RAM usage says 1587MB, seems normal. Both OS are Window 8.1 Pro, (7 fast, 10 secure and Supported through January 10, 2023), I use private firewall 2012 which is often a problem but get the same result with it off, Century Link DSL, I use a double router which can be trouble, but no other issues with anything including FiveM. I have been using MTA 24/7 since Dec 2014... never seen this one before, except this nature of an error, where I am suddenly locked out of the system, and to date, this type of an error has been universally created by MTA updates. And is usually fixed by them within a day.
  8. If I reboot then start MTA first thing, it joins then freezes. If I spectate the Frozen Player is locks up the spectating client, which is on an i7-4790 14GB GTX 760 2GB. And immediately after, the i7 client now won't join at all. Just like the other computer it tries to join, it freezes. There have been no changes to either computer in months, both which idle mta 24/7 for several years. The VPS CentOS Latest build is unchanged since a rebuild one month ago. Except httpd, i just today added mod_rewrite. No other changes. top - 14:56:10 up 2:41, 1 user, load average: 0.18, 0.18, 0.21 Tasks: 118 total, 2 running, 116 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie %Cpu(s): 2.9 us, 1.7 sy, 0.0 ni, 94.9 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.5 si, 0.0 st KiB Mem : 1872884 total, 68716 free, 699564 used, 1104604 buff/cache KiB Swap: 1048572 total, 1046268 free, 2304 used. 1020192 avail Mem PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 1593 root 20 0 1003948 213268 5928 S 8.3 11.4 14:50.12 ld-musl-x8+ 1667 root 20 0 1409864 300328 6256 S 3.3 16.0 7:05.46 mta-server+ total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 1.8G 682M 67M 7.2M 1.1G 996M Swap: 1.0G 2.2M 1.0G Meanwhile FiveM runs on the same computers and VPS unbothered. By my experience this sort of thing is usually you guys... what are you up to? Update: Client will not join windows local host server, just freezes on "Entering the game" (That rules out the VPS) From Windows... [2020-05-19 12:13:12] CONNECT: Hello connected (IP: Serial: 75BFCD835CEF39DF2C559A0E3C98CE12 Version: 1.5.7-9.20447.2) [2020-05-19 12:14:43] INFO: Hello ( timed out during connect From CentOS [20-05-19 15:06:13] CONNECT: Hello connected (IP: ???.21.???.238 Serial: 75BFCD835CEF39DF2C559A0E3C98CE12 Version: 1.5.7-9.20447.2) [20-05-19 15:07:44] INFO: Hello (???.21.???.238) timed out during connect I try to join CoffeeDrift, freezes... San Andreas Drive, freezes and crashes for the first time yet... Version = 1.5.7-release-20528.0.000 Time = Tue May 19 12:23:22 2020 Module = C:\Multis\GTA-3-3-GTASA\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x00134134 EAX=00000000 EBX=00000179 ECX=00ABEF14 EDX=18315AC0 ESI=18315AC0 EDI=00000000 EBP=008E2CB0 ESP=0028FCB4 EIP=00534134 FLG=00210202 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B
  9. A Fresh Download and Reinstall of MTA does not solve this problem. It loads a server list, but does not see a local server on a separate machine, as usual. Windows 8.1 MTA has worked near perfectly everyday for 5 years. Never seen this one before. CONNECTING Entering the game... (Not Responding) HELP!!
  10. Client Froze while spectating. Tried to rejoin, could not, could not, froze every time on Connecting to Server. Rebooted, same thing. Cant Join any Server. Please help http://www.sports4tech.com/mta/logs.zip I've played MTA daily for years, never once had a problem. I Run FiveM simultaneously on the same machine, without any current issue. And do the same from a second machine, also no issue.
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