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I have a problem with installing a mod into the game.

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It's a car mod and I know if doesnt really have anything to do with MTA but this is the only place I could think of getting help at. But anyway I had no trouble putting modded vehicle's into my game with http://www.gtagarage.com but for some reason everytime I get mod's from other sites such as http://www.gtagaming.com it gives me a message saying "The IMG file specified in the script is missing or does not exist:

C:\program files\RockStar games \GTA Santhe IMG file exists in your game's directory. To avoid corrupting your game, the mod will not be installed. Oh and also I am using the San Andreas Mod installer to help me out. So it should make a back up file for me but I am unsure if makes a script or not. But anyway can someone please help me, I would really appreciate it. :(

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If you're using the mod installer make sure you extract all the files for the mod into a directory, with the installscript for them (You need an install script) and then select that directory for it to look in for a mod (it'll search for the installscript, then folow its instructions)

Also you might want to put this in the help section next time. :?

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I some what understand what you are saying but I do not fully understand what you mean about a directory, I am new at this so what and where is this directory? Also where do i get a install script from? Is that a program? Is there a video or a picture slide show to show how to do this? Oh and for the file's that worked in the game, they made my game crash and then I had to re-install it so I can play the game but now I have no mod's what so ever! I dunno what happened. But is there something that can help a noob like me?

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Okay, you got the SA Mod Installer. It's purpose, is to read an installscript (A text file, with commands it understands in it) and then copy, move, and remove files in SA, so you don't have to manually copy them, and replace the normal files with the MOD files.

If your mod didn't come with an installscript, then you'll have to copy the files it came with, into the proper folders, inside /rockstar games/Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

There's no videos or slide shows to learn how to do it.. you just have to find out what files go where. IE: If the mod file comes with a file called MAIN.SCM, that means you have to take the MAIN.SCM file from the mod, and replace the MAIN.SCM in your /Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/Data folder, with the one that came with the mod.

Or, if it's a car mod, you've gotta use IMG tool, to remove the old TXD and DFF files, and put the ones that came with the mod into the .IMG file.

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