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  1. What do you mean what about PS2? If you are asking if you can use the PS2 controller then my answer to you is yes. But you have to go through a process to do so.
  2. Ok if you have a controller that haves a wire then all you have to do is just hook the controller into the back of the PC. The back is best because it supplies more power fore the controller. I tried to do this with the wireless version since I have the charger that is basicaly just like the wired version but it didnt seem to work. I think it was because my controller was detecting the 360 and not the pc. But anyway I think the reason why it didnt work is that I turned on my controller, which turned on my xbox 360. The reason why I am saying this is because when you plug up the wired controller to the pc the light doesnt turn on so maybe that means I never should have started my controller when I connected it to the PC. But anyway if you have the wired controller then just head over to this site http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/gamin ... tails.aspx Oh and if you do not have the wired controller then you have to go and buy the wired version specially made for Window's PC from Best Buy. Circuit City, compusa or what ever you store that may have it. One more thing, if you have the wireless version then just go ahead and download the software from the site and then just plug up the controller only if you have the plug in charger and then make sure you do not turn on the controller because I know for a fact that it will not work. Well anyway have fun. : )
  3. lol I really am a idiot at this stuff. But I finlay got it so I really appreciate the help guy's.
  4. If anyone can help me step by step in this process. My name on yahoo is [email protected] I dont have any idea what I am doing because I dont know and never done anything like this. People are telling me different things but I always end up doing something wrong. Or maybe any of you can tell me your name on yahoo then i'll just add you. If you dont have yahoo then my best bet would be AIM.
  5. So you are saying that all I need to do is make a copy of gta_sa.exe. to my desktop and that is it? But then do I need to change the name of the shorcut? So that it makes a copy?
  6. Ok i copied and pasted the GTA San Andreas folder and also the gta_sa.exe. onto my desktop and i renamed both the folder and gta_sa.exe. to GTA MODDED. So then I opened the dvd drive and then closed it to see if it worked and it did because it asked if I wanted to install the game. But I think I did something wrong because I renamed the copy to GTA MODDED and kept the install the normal way it came, now when I double click onto GTA MODDED it says "the application failed to start because vorbisfile.dll could not be found". Did I do it right but the opposit way it should have been done?
  7. I just renamed the GTA SA folder and it doesnt seem to work! I put the dvd into the dvd drive and it says play GTA San Andreas and nothing about installing the game. Are you sure that was the process that I was supposed to do to make another copy of the game because it didnt work.
  8. OK I did what you just said but everytime I put the game back into the DVD drive to re-install it it says nothing about installing the game it just say play GTA San Andreas. What now?
  9. Omg I just renamed my GTA SA folder and now everytime i click on the icon it says trying to browse for gta_sa.exe. Did I do something wrong?
  10. Ok but where and what do i rename? I renamed my desktop icon but it doesnt seem to work. I understand that you have to rename it it but I just dont know what to rename!?!?!? Can you tell me how and where I need to go from my desktop to the thing that I need to rename? Please...
  11. But how and where is the file to rename in order to do this process? Because I renamed alot of GTA programs and such.
  12. But how can I make a dual install of GTA:SA??? When I stick my disk in the dvd drive it just say play GTA:SA or un-install GTA:SA. So what do I have to do to make two of them?
  13. The error was Only GTA:SA version 1.0 is supported! Is this because I downloaded the patch or because I have modded vehicles that I downloaded? I think it's the patch. But any if it is the patch then is there a way to delete it? Or do I have to re-install it? and if I do re-install it then will all my mod's be taken out of the game? I just care about my mod's. Maybe I can save all of them and then put them back into the game some how after I re-install the game? Thanks in advance.
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