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buying weapons not replacing current weapon though same slot?


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Hello how do I make weapons that has different ammos? since some players can exploit weapon shop, EX: player buys a lot cheaper uzis then buys just 1 round of mp5, all uzi bullets get replaced with mp5 rounds, how do I prevent that from happening? What functions do I need to use? thanks!,

edit: nvm it still does, how to fix this? especially with the SMGs

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38 minutes ago, Tekken said:

You will have to script it trough like 

player buy ammo for uzi > save data;

player buy mp5 > save uzi ammo data to account > delete smg ammo > load smg ammo data for mp5;

and so on and so forth for all weapons.

good luck

that's what I thought but I was too lazy for it, I just asked here to see if would be an easier way, anyway thanks!

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