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Help me PLS

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I go into the game and I write "AC #4 BAN: Project 414 cheat kicked you" can you please help me figure it out. I have not played with the software,I just rode in a circle,but I will say one thing,my account was hacked,because I wanted to steal steam,but it did not,I didn't even know that the MTA cheats have,because I know there's sobeit GTA and Cleo folder in GTA,but not in ITA. Please help me,I am an honest player, not a cheater,I developed calmly on the project and did not touch anyone. I was driving in a circle and I got a ban on the serial number 0C587DE7AF4B608DD1007C6D71DD37B3

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Don't lie. I just confirmed that you tried to cheat.

Cheating on forks can result in MTA bans, as we do occasionally help out (russian) forked projects that are in the following weakened anti-cheat situation: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Forks

You can find other examples of bans like that and see we won't make exceptions or accept lies. Just don't cheat when you get unbanned. No one likes cheaters.

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