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question about follow camera -> ped


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hey i would like to make camera . on other position and i'm use setCameraMatrix and i created that ped start movements. but i want make cam follow ped when his move . what should i use on functions?

--if this ->> setCameraTarget + attachElements? and how will be?


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4 hours ago, Furzy said:

Look this thread 



4 hours ago, IIYAMA said:

You could attach the camera to the ped, see example in this link:


The example explains how to attach the camera to a vehicle, without the need of updating the camera with onClient(Pre)Render.

ty guys I was needed a part of camera that followed ("Element") and found the solution

addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function()
	local ox,oy,oz = getElementPosition(army1)


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