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Ban appeal


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I'm not gonna lie what I did and I know it's wrong what I did. I have used a trainer on a role play server to help my self out. From now on if I was to get another and last chance I would promise not to use any type of trainers and play fair, I really regret what I have done and truley do apologise.

My serial is: 6E532F9E26772A27EC5AB1D489AD6C54

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

in June 2020, you used (and also tested, while working for its creator) a polish mining bot, and that's what got you banned for 1 month.. or rather, as first time offense, should have. Due to a mistake, it turned into a permanent ban.

Ban removed (mistake corrected), apologies for that. And for you this is an extra hard lesson never to use stuff like that again, @Brodacz

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