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You can set an elementData to the player and within this function zombie_check () in client side you check first if localPlayer has that element data if it does you do not run the code the else run the code.

Like this 

setElementData(localPlayer, "zombiesNotFollow", true); --You can set this both client and server side, but I suggest server side as it's much more secure.


function zombie_check () -- LINE 33
	if (getElementData(localPlayer, "zombiesNotFollow") or false) then return; end
	if (getElementData (getLocalPlayer (), "zombie") ~= true) and ( isPedDead ( getLocalPlayer () ) == false ) then
		-- a lot of code here.........

TBW there are a lot of optimizations to be done in this resource, I'm currently working on a better version will release when it's done!

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Line 440 function SpawnZombie () replace this:

if isElement(thePlayer) then

with this:

if isElement(thePlayer) and not (getElementData(thePlayer, "zombiesNotFollow") or false) then

bad argument in line 86

That may happen because the zombie died or got deleted.

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