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MTA Serial problem, please help me!


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Hello! I was banned from the MTA for serial change, it happened that 2-3 days ago I [redacted] for my machine because [redacted], then I decided to [redacted], cleaned my computer, reinstalled and then uninstalled the MTA. t and I noticed that it would not allow me to log in because because it is associated with the other, I started a serial change request on the forum of that server so I could play with my old profile but it was banned for mta serial change but I didn't even know that it will change and I was already on the solution to get my profile from the other old series back, but they were banned, I want to ask for help in this! I did it unintentionally and I already submitted my serial change request on the server. I couldn’t change anything, I had no reason to, as I was nowhere to be banned! Thanks for reading, I look forward to your reply! Sorry for my bad English!

Serial: D8C65CD5923E5D89994757B0AB5DA774

Thanks! Have a nice day!

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Hey, don't lie about your intentions.

Changed serials that are detected won't be usable due to a ban. In order to play again, reverse the steps taken (which you know very well, so also how to do that) in order to get back to your original serial, which hasn't been banned.

We consider changed serials unauthentic. Therefore bans like this will not be lifted under any circumstance. Your need to resolve this on your own is a consequence of your own deliberate actions

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