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ban reason cheats

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5 days ago I decided to play the game of the same name called [ ], but by my mistake and accident I forgot to restart my computer so that I could play MTA without third-party programs. But it turned out that right after playing with cheats, I went to the MTA for which I got 5 days of ban. In the end, I decided to wait 5 days, hoping for an unban. But to my regret, I got a global ban with the "Cheat" reason. Could I get unbanned?, because I played a game with cheats that is not related to MTA, and I did not play MTA with cheats.

Serial Number - 16F13DB7DCFB3C652747A6EA2F9121E3

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

It's simple.. altogether:

1) You are a cheater on MTA forks. This makes you deserve a ban (also read appeals like this and cases like this to see how we treat cheaters on forks)

2) You accidentally kept a forks cheat open while playing the 'real' MTA (if we gotta believe you - perhaps you wanted to test it out there. But that's irrelevant). This is a consequence of you being a forks cheater

Forks cheaters can expect bans, so you received one.

Then you tried to evade your ban with spoofers, resulting in more and longer duration bans. You also have various bans from around the date of your "forks hack on MTA" mistake, for trying other types of cheats.

You can see that we at MTA have no desire to help a person like you. No bans will be modified, all we will do is make them longer next time (or next time you post when you got in trouble for cheating activity again). Just stop messing with cheats and such crap, on whichever platform.. what happened is a consequence of your own actions. No one likes cheaters.

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