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I'm not sure how to help you. The plugin for Blender is still work in progress and I personally don't use this program.

If you're able to get hold of 3ds Max, I'll walk you through this process.

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You need to run the Collision IO from Utility panel on the right hand side. From there, assuming you have the model in your scene, on the Collision IO select 'CM' and click your model. In the empty field, type in the DFF name. Now click Export and you're done.

For world objects I recommend using The Hero's DFF exporter. The quality of the model is greater and the interface is much easier to use. Through this plugin, you import/export DFF models like you would with any other file type through File -> Import/Export.

The only time I use Kam's for DFF, is when exporting character skin models. Unfortunately The Hero's plugin does not support rigged skins.

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You need to tell 3ds Max where your textures are stored. An easy way is to go into Customize menu -> Configure User/Project path -> External files -> Add your folder.

Reload the scene and they will show up. If they're in the correct file format that is. Depending on which plugin you're using, you may have to use .TGA images, for them to show in 3ds Max.

For extracting game textures. CTRL F Extracting game assets


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15 hours ago, TrmPlmn said:

but why when i export dff file the textrue change in GTA SA but i don't change anything

Please show us a the issue.

15 hours ago, TrmPlmn said:

Vortex Color Remove why

Which exporter are you using? Look for VC or Vertex Prelights or Extra vertex colors in the DFF export interface.

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