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[Bug] with SoundBlaster X-Fi Card

Guest TomParis

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Hey @ll

I have found a bug which only takes place when I start MTA:SA and not GTA:SA.

The X-Fi cards have the possibility to switch between three audio-modes: "entertainment mode", "audiocreation mode" and "game mode".

Each one has its own advantages, but switching is only possible if no program wants to take access on the sound card.

After playing MTA:SA, it is not possible for me to change the mode from "game mode" back to one of the other two. As this is possible after playing GTA:SA, it seemingly is a bug caused by MTA...

Probably the sound isn't relieved properly?

I hope you can fix this soon.

Best regards,


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This could very well be some handle that's left open, possibly related to the "sound bug" we have had in the past.

Have you tried disabling EAX support?

Can any other X-Fi user confirm this? I'm on an Audigy 2 myself.

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Hmmm, wonder if this issue is similar to one I've been experiencing with my non creative card.

I play music with Winamp in b/g while playing MTA, when I come out of game, its still playing fine, but no system sounds will play. If I stop Winamp, it won't play again.

When I log off, a backlog of sounds plays at once.

Guessing MTA is leaving something open, which is locking the sound card?

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