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Whole MTA busted completely, NEED NEW VERSION!!!

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I can't start game, wether change server, un-install, whatever, it won't start game. It either says "Unhandled expection at: blah blah blah" or just says "You have a modifed MTA Client". And it says couldn't copy Weapon file blah blah and I'm just sooooooo confused of it

Anyone know what's happening? If you can't help I'll just wish a new version of MTA VC client comes soon (Like, WHEN!?)

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There wont be another version of the old mtavc (In the future after mtasa dm etc there MAY be a blue based VC version, that is a long way off though) Check the known issues thread, if you're still confused search the forum or wiki. The problems you are suffering are pretty common and the solutions are tried and tested.

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I looked in the FAQ but I can't find this problem...

My prob is like this:

First I connect, nothing wrong, then I click Start Game, it says "Unable to move weapon.dat to weapon.original". I clicked continue, then it says "Unable to copy weapon.mta to weapon.dat". I clicked continue again, then it says "You have a modified version of MTAClient, please reinstall".

Yes, yes, I did reinstall MTA, and VC, but it's still like that. I can play before but not anymore... Help plz.

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Have you tired different 0.5 installation exe's.?

Have you gone for a total re-make?

Uninstall the all programs first, including the game itself. Take some time and search for other files, which could still be remaining on your computer.

Freshen up your computer afterwards, clean up your HD: (Local Disk), cleanup, error-check etc.

Reinstall the game from scratch, install the patch (1.1), play in single player, then install MTA.

This may not work, however im just trying to give some help if you havent already done this. I know you have mentioned about reinstalling the mod and game several times however a clean-up could freshen up your computer from corrupted files which could be causing you this problem.

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When the error comes it says "I may do this manually". Like how? Maybe if I just replace the weapon.dat with weapon.mta could work?

And, when I quit the client, it says "Unable to replace weapon.dat with weapon.original, since the oringal(backup) does not exist".

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