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MTA Compiler & Script editor


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Hello community! Today I want to present you my Android application for compiling Lua scripts and editing MTA resources.

The application has many useful functions, such as:

- Unpacking and viewing zip archives
- Compiling Lua scripts in the archive
- Viewing and editing script code
- Zip opened files or save archives

In addition, the script editor has Lua and XML syntax highlighting and displaying lines in the script. Application has English and Russian languages.

You can download it from AppGallery:






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Hi! I continue to refine my editor. Now the version 2.1.10 was released (build 16 is a bit damp, build 17 will be stable).

The updates of the engine
- Fully updated file upload / obfuscation process
- Support for images and sounds
- Created a cache to save open archives before packing
- Fixed bugs with screen rotation, saving settings, as well as minor bugs

Updates in the editor
- Created a search for the contents of files
- Updated syntax highlighting: HLSL, XML-like files

The link is the same: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.limedev.mtacse

The pictures from Google Play show the main things that was included in the update:

rkVgyIrOW-21MZmFzC8l-1khE3iguGppAcmKsHWZ khDWo-zwZD_soEKuMezabbae8IZJRBPcve73aH8t

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2 hours ago, HydraLazy said:

See Video https://streamable.com/njn5ae

it crash !!


I can't scan your device. Please, save your logs while run the application. For example:

- Download and run: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dp.logcatapp


- Save logs and send it to: [email protected]

I think your Android version is old. But this is only my opinion.

Thank you!

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