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MTA:SA ~ 2007 / 2020 - Time Machine ~ forum.mtasa.com

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Hello, I wish you happy and peaceful days.
I am Barış Erdoğan, Code Step~ [K.R.A.L.]<3BARİS<3

I'm sure you want to see what the forum site was like in the old times.

Witness how an Age evolves by following the Links.

28 / Şubat / 2007

This link does not show the website in full, as pictures and designs are incompletely archived.


24 / Şubat / 2008

The theme is nice because the phpBB infrastructure is used.


04 / Ağustos / 2011

Theme Installed and Modernized.


28 / şubat / 2012 

The Theme Is Still The Same, But There Are Some Things Changing. MTA: SA Family is Growing and 23K People are active.


30 / Mayıs / 2013

New Topics New Features and New People.


15 / Mart / 2015 

Some New Plugins and Topics. And 37K MTA: SA Family


14 / Ekim / 2016

I guess the infrastructure has changed and we've been presented with a modern theme

https: // web.archive.org/web/20161014144057/https://forum.multitheftauto.com/

25 / şubat / 2018 

New Additions New Small Designs and Touches.



new updates and Current Theme


MTA: SA My Favorite Game Right Now 70K Members. Better Days Await Us. I Started In 2012 And I Have No Intention To Date :)

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