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Where do I go to get online in it, I open up the Client but how do I get in the game :(

Like do I need an IP of someone and if i do tell me mone please :)

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Well you need to connect to a server to play, and to connect to a server you need the IP (or hostname), so yes. If you didn't realise, MTA 0.5 has a server browser built into the client (oh yes!) and it's nice and simple - you just scroll through and pick the one you want to play on! Can't get much easier than that can it?

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You can also download the ASE program from the MTA client.

MTA servers can be found under this software which then indicates what servers are available to play online with. The ASE also indicates information on the servers like how many players are on the server. When you`ve chose a server you would like to play on the MTA Client will pop up with the servers IP and Port and then you can play on it only if there are spaces left on the server to play on. The ASE also indicates if the servers are installed with MTA`s 0.5 server patch and other information for your use.

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